Main lead dog. Has run in the team since she was 6 months old. Learnt with Timber and has tremendous stamina and is very clever. A great motivator to lead the team


    Frankie’s sister – smaller than Frankie but equally as hard working. Trotting is her preferred gait and can trot at 24 km/hr.


    2 year old girl we are training up to be a lead dog. Showing great promise and loves to run.


    2 year old boy – River’s littermate. Proving to be a hard worker and a great team dog.


    Also runs in lead with Nina. Always a hard worker with great drive and endurance.


    11 year old dog we rehomed at 3 yrs. Has been a main stay in the team engine room for the last nine years. Effortless trotter.


    Brother to Sarg and another great dog for us. Bigger in size than Sarg but still a beautiful mover.


    2 year old German Shepherd. Has pushed past our 2 other huskies to make the A team since coming to live with us. The largest dog in the team at 40 kg. He is very strong and just loves the team.